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Welcome to Sankofa Childbirth Education and Lactation Services!

Welcome to Parenthood! It is an exhilarating, scary, awesome fun ride, especially in a Pandemic!  Ngozi, our compassionate founder, is the mother of five strong - willed charismatic children who have truly taught her the joys and challenges of motherhood. Ngozi completed her Bachelor's degree while nursing a toddler and went on to finish her Master's in Public Health while working two jobs. She truly understands how to be open, flexible and to accept the unpredictable with parenting. 

Ngozi is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, whooping cough, and Heb. B and provides in person and virtual classes and consultations to meet your family's needs. In addition to childbirth and breastfeeding education, Ngozi is also   a Certified Health,  Nutrition,  Relationship  Coach and Master Sexpert.  Come learn more about eating healthier and loving better.  See more information on  her other website at

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