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 Consultations and Doula Support 

Lactation Consulting

Are you experiencing challenges with feeding your baby? Painful breasts and nipples? Struggling to latch? Baby not growing as you think they should? Issues with your milk supply? Returning to work? Our lactation consulting services are provided by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with over 22 years of experience supporting breastfeeding families. Consultations are in your home and are scheduled to meet your needs. A typical consult includes a full health history of both mother and baby as well as instructional time to make sure you have the information and support you need.  To schedule a consultation, view our Lactation Packages  page and choose which package  best fits your family's  needs, then fill out a short form on our CONTACT page. We typically respond within 24 hours. For a quicker response, please text Ngozi at 412-638-1580.

Lactation &  Post Partum Support Package (LCPD)

This unique package can provide observations of more than one nursing session, basic infant care and bathing tips. To schedule these support services, send us a message on our CONTACT page.

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