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Our Founder

Ngozi D. Tibbs is a Certified Childbirth Trainer and Educator through Lamaze International (LCCE), an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and the Co-Founder of The Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding Circle (PBBC). Ngozi attended her first birth in 1999 and knew from that day that she had found her calling.  She describes her teaching style as interactive and engaging. Often known to share her wonderful personal birth stories (including her fifth child's birth in the car), she believes the best way to approach birth and breastfeeding is through informed eyes with lots of support and yes, even humor. She looks forward to sharing in your journey as you navigate through the sacred experience of new parenthood.

Our Name

The Sankofa Concept comes from the Akan people of Ghana West Africa. This concept teaches us to go back and retrieve what we have lost, often using the symbol of the Sankofa bird who is looking backward. In the same way, we must go back to the times when women/femmes learned about childbirth and breastfeeding from experienced leaders  in the community. Our company was founded to help guide parents through the sacred experiences of childbirth and breastfeeding. Our classes are taught in an environment that is respectful of different cultural and spiritual needs.

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